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In the digital age, any company looking to expand their reach in local or global markets, needs to invest in IT components. Let it be digital marketing, developing software or building a new website, a startup needs to have a team to back them with their IT needs.

Suppose, you need to have a cross-platform informative app so you can update the customers about trending deals and upcoming products. The only problem is – you’re not sure your existing team will be able to meet your demand, you’re not sure about the time it will take. The best option for you and the company would be knocking on the doors of software development experts. You need to have a team that would complete the project on-time and within the company’s budget.

Why Outsourcing Software Development?

Outsourcing has always been a controversial topic. The common arguments against the outsourcing are language barriers and different time zones. Experts say that having an overseas team may result in lack of coordination and would ultimately affect the yield.

On the other hand, if chosen wisely, referring outsourced software development firm can be one of the best choices for your startup. Success of your software development project depends a lot on the firm you choose.

On-Shore vs Off-Shore Software Development

While looking for a software development team to meet their demands, many suggest that going to off-shore software development companies can be a great choice.
Off-shore companies have wide range of technical skills to offer. They have the best country talent, which can be scaled up-down and right-left according to the demands of their client. Choosing an off-shore firm also helps your company to work 24/7. While you’re sleeping in the US, your software experts in the Ukraine will be working for you.

On-shore companies on the other hand have all different set of benefits to offer. While choosing an on-shore outsourced firm, you’re helping the economy and supporting local talents as well as being more in control with no language barriers or time difference. The on-shore teams usually have similar work habits and result in an efficient communication between two organizations and enhance the output.

Why Israeli Startups NYC?

ISNYC have the best talents for your startup, On-shore and Off-shore. Experts who have proved their work with many clients and showed their capabilities and customer service is top notch.
With us, you can build your dream on-shore/off-shore software development team. All you have to do is hit “Contact Us” button and one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours and help you with your development needs.

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