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Office space is like a face for any company. It not only broadcasts a public message, but confers insight into the values and culture of the company. In case of startups, office space is an important element for attracting potential clients and employees.

Efficiency of your team depends a lot on the space and the environment they work in. In order to maximize the performance of their workers, founders need to make sure they are comfortable at the workplace. It not only results in higher yielding of the team, but also creates a positive image of the startup out in the public.
Interaction among team members is really important for creating a positive work environment. No idea is great enough to be successful unless you have a dedicated team working behind it and having a good office space brings the team closer. They can have regular chats, give and take suggestions, review each other’s work and much more.
While commercial offices have a lot to offer, many experts find it arguable in case of startups. They believe that investing a hefty amount on offices is not worth it. Instead, they advise to go with new “non-traditional” work culture that has been making a lot of buzz recently i.e. co-working spaces.
Co-working spaces are the common area shared by the experts of various companies. Employees linked with different companies, assigned in different areas share the same work space. It provide startups an affording way of networking and also lends the credibility to your unmapped company. Co-working spaces provides common amenities to all enrolled in their office like receptions and staff members. This leads to many occasions when your employees would get into informal interactions, which might lead to sparking of any great idea.

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The kind of business your startup attracts depends a lot on the location of your office space. Being surrounded by the best creates a positive work environment, and motivates your employees to work at their maximum. According to the real-estate experts, best locations for commercial offices in NYC are SoHo, NoHo and between the length of Flatiron and Union Square.

Simply hit “Contact Us” button in order to grab the best office or co-working space in NYC and a real estate agent will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with all possible options that your startup can go for. Israeli Startups NYC is helping startups, accelerators and investors to base their offices in the city.
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