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While startups are popping out in every corner of the world, the fight to thrive and make an impact is getting harder. The success foundations of any startup lie on three pillars:

  1. Product that meets the market demand.
  2. A great team to help you achieve your goal
  3. Minimum expenditure to earn maximum profits.

Many startup founders fail to achieve these essentials, and often their business crashes before it even takes off.
Having an effective team by your side is an important part of the success story in any typical startup. Hence, the company must look for the professionals who are skillful, trustworthy and have proved their milestone in the industry.

Optimization of HR

A team can be built in two ways –

  1. Founders taking the headache of filtering professionals,
  2. Find a Human Resource professional whose only job would be hiring the best and firing the rest.

Many startup founders seem to avoid hiring an HR specialist just to save some initial investment.
But while taking the decision on the hiring process, founders need to keep in mind the words quoted by Joe Kraus of Google ventures: “The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good”

An ideal way of dealing with the scene would be hiring a professional in the beginning and then eventually build a department when you’re capable.

The Role of HR in Startups

While founders need to take care of hiring the best, they should pay attention on retaining them. Apart from a fancy salary, companies also offer flexible work hours to make sure that their employees are comfortable. A professional HR team can make a significant contribution in the growth of a startup. They ensure that the employees are experiencing a positive job environment and job satisfaction. This helps the company in maintaining long-term employees.

Why Israeli Startups NYC?

Hiring a team so they can hire the best for you sounds tough. As a startup founder, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. You obviously wouldn’t like to spend your precious time googling HR professionals, reading reviews and trust someone on the basis of that. This is where we, ISNYC comes into play!

ISNYC service providers will fill the gap between you and your dream team. Professionals that we refer are master at what they do. Their work is monitored and regularly evaluated on the basis of performance and surveys. So that means, if you come to us, you get the best.

The experts of Human Resources department that Israeli Startups NYC has to offer have been hammered vertically and horizontally. They have a lot of experience in their area and know how to produce maximum results in minimum effort and capital spent.

If you’re looking to hire or have a plan on opening a US office in near future, simply hit the Contact Us button on this page and an HR specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

ISNYC trusted service providers award special discounts to the members of our community.

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