After months of hard work, battles against malicious Russian malware and user experience fine tuning, I’m happy to announce Israeli Startups NYC new website!

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The Story behind it

The new website really represents the 2nd part of our mission at ISNYC.

After establishing our event platform, and quickly becoming one of the leading Israeli-American tech communities in New York, we wanted to expand our service and reach beyond just the bi-monthly events.

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur and building a startup, is finding the right people to help you go through this journey successfully.

But when you’re a first time entrepreneur, let alone an entrepreneur coming from different country, you don’t always have the network and tools to know who’s the right person to help you decide where to incorporate your company, who can help you finish the iOS development or even finding an online marketing expert to help you promote your startup.

And it’s not just first time entrepreneurs who need help. Corporate relocation solutions, commercial office space, HR…
Those are all services that even seasoned entrepreneurs running huge tech companies need help with and don’t always have the right resources.

Our Solution

We wanted to make your life easier and remove as much hassle as we can, so you can focus on building your company.

ISNYC new website helps you connect with industry experts, each in their own field, saving you hours of research and agony looking for the right professional!

After choosing the service you need, you click the “Contact Us” button and within 24 hours, an ISNYC Trusted Service Provider will contact you.

Why Should I Use ISNYC Trusted Service Provider?

Here are 3 reasons why you should try it:

  1. Support Your Community – ISNYC Trusted Service Providers are members of the community themselves! By choosing a TSP, you’ll support your fellow community members business and contribute to the growth of your community in the most meaningful way.
  2. Members Discount –  ISNYC Trusted Service Providers are giving special prices and discounts to members that you can’t get anywhere else.
  3. Save Time – Instead of Googling service providers for hours, reading reviews and comments from people you don’t know, let us do the due diligence for you! As our job is to ensure our members get the best service out there, we will regularly conduct satisfaction surveys to make sure we keep our commitment to you.

So in case you haven’t clicked the link yet, here is the link to our new website –

Few Notes

  • This is an initial version of the website (or as startups like to call it “beta”).
    There might be some glitches every now and then, content will be added and more features will be tested so please be patient and if you have feedback and recommendations please feel free to share it with us!
  • Interested in joining or recommending an Israeli Startups NYC Trusted Provider? send us an email with the company website, short description about the service and why would ISNYC members need it.

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