Growth vs. Engagement

A few months ago a colleague and talented entrepreneur with a successful early stage social startup, was faced with a dilemma. With a small team and seed funding he had to focus either on growing his usage base or on experimenting with ways to improve engagement. Doing both was not an option and so he […]

4 Israelis You Need To Know In NY Tech Scene

Over the last few months, New York has been flooded with Israeli entrepreneurs who are seeing the Big Apple as their first choice when talking about relocating their startup to a global hub, or developing business in the US. Almost all of these young entrepreneurs are in a constant search for the “Israeli Connection”. Here […]

5 SEO Tips For Startups

  While working with a lot of Israeli and other international startups, I see the scenario time and time again; Talented groups of people, great product and 0 understanding in marketing! “How will you get your first 1,000,000 users?” I usually ask. “We’ll go viral! Our traction is amazing. We’ve doubled our numbers the past few weeks and we […]

Israeli Startups NYC Pitch Night

We are happy to announce our upcoming, and biggest event yet – Israeli Startups NYC Pitch Night! Join fellow technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs for an evening of live demos from companies developing great technologies; here in New York, and in Israel.