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Over the last few months, New York has been flooded with Israeli entrepreneurs who are seeing the Big Apple as their first choice when talking about relocating their startup to a global hub, or developing business in the US.

Almost all of these young entrepreneurs are in a constant search for the “Israeli Connection”.

Here are 4 people you need to know when coming to New-York:

Eyal Bino “The Investor” 

Eyal was among the first Israelis to tap into the Israeli American Tech connection in New York. In 2011 he founded WIN – Worldwide Investor Network, a monthly Demo Day event with a distinguished group of judges from the local VC firms. Firms such as First Round Capital, Comcast Ventures and other well recognized investors and panelists have taking part in his events.

Right now Eyal is working on his new Micro-fund Accelerant alongside Sharon Mirsky, in hope to bring a competitive edge to the Israeli early-stage investors with a strategic access for startups to the US market. So whether you’re looking to go on a road show with your venture, or just looking to see some cool company Demos, you should definitely contact Eyal.

Eyal Bino LinkedIn

Eyal Bino

Guy Franklin “The Connector”

The “Guy” behind Israeli Mapped In NY, Guy Franklin is probably the most recognized Israeli in the local tech scene in New York. With featured stories on CNN, The Marker, Ynet and many more, Guy was able to bring awareness to the rising number of Israeli startups flocking to the city using his map (when he started the map there were only 60 Israeli Startups in NYC, now there are over 200!!!).

Guy Franklin - Israeli Mapped In NY

Guy is highly connected to the local Israeli community, he’s very friendly and always happy to help Israeli entrepreneurs. So if you’re looking to get some introductions going, he’ll be happy to help.

Guy Franklin LinkedIn

Oded Grinstein “The Deputy”

“Deputy Economic Minister, Director of High Tech Industries Government of Israel – Economic Mission to the U.S” that’s his official title, but don’t let the suit, the tie and the government role fool you, Oded is one of the nicest persons you’ll meet in the city, and his entire job is to help Israeli startups build connections in the US.

With so much activity and initiatives in his department, you can easily forget he’s a government official and may be fooled into thinking he’s a startup founder himself!

If you’re looking to start doing business in the States, or you’re looking for local partners, Oded is definitely someone you should get in touch with.

Oded Grinstein LinkedIn

Oded Grinstein

Liat Berko “The Producer”

With so much business activity going on in New York, you can easily forget this city has the best entertainment and nightlife in the whole world! That’s why you gotta know Liat Barko…

Liat is the Founder and CEO of LBNY Productions, a NY-based entertainment agency that specializes in bringing top Israeli musical talent to New York City to make some NOISE!!! Artists like Assaf Amdursky, Berry Saharof, Ehud Banai and many others have conquered some of the main stages in the city with Liat, an aspiring singer herself.
So if you’re looking for some nightlife advice and events guide, Liat is your go-to girl.

Liat Berko LinkedIn

Liat Berko

What do you think about this list? Do you have more people in mind you think Israeli entrepreneurs should know about?

Write us down in the comments below!

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