Being a startup founder in NYC is one of the most fascinating and challenging journeys for an entrepreneur. And if there’s one thing I learned about building a booming business in this city: Do Follow Up Emails!

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Do your best to follow up with clients and providers alike. Your attentiveness will go a long way. Our team at Kuhbe encourages trying new templates, subject lines and forms of communication. We’ve put together three different email templates that each have over a 75% response rate:

follow up

Template #1: Follow up Email After First Time Meet

This template is good for the misplaced business card you find… 2 weeks later…

Hello John,

Hope this email finds you well!
I recently re-discovered your card (after meeting you at XX) and wanted to say hi. Things are going really well with my company StartupX, and I would love any of your opinions or thoughts on our platform.

Are you available Friday at 11:00 AM for a brief phone call?

Looking forward to reconnecting,



Some Key Points:

  • People tend to be indecisive – Don’t be afraid to give them an exact date and time. They’ll look at their calendar and get back to you accordingly.
  • Feel free to be yourself and give a SHORT one sentence update about your company (ex: We raised 500K and are interested in building new partnerships within xyz…)


Template #2: Follow Email To Follow Up Email

Ever send an email and not get a response… (Oyy!) We’re with you. One thing we always tell our team is be compassionate in your emails. Remember that everyone has their own life and some people don’t exactly know or remember who you are. 3 days after you sent the email and they didn’t respond, shoot them with this:

Hi John,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if you got my below email. Hope you had a great weekend!




Some Key Points:

  • Two sentences max. No joke! One that says you’re just checking in.. and the other one that says something slightly endearing.
  • Here is a good time to add a P.S. if you talked about something funny or interesting and didn’t write it in your last email.


Template #3: Reconnecting Follow Up Email

This email template is for that helpful/important person you kind of lost touch with. It all happens, life catches up, we become busy, we blink for a second and the whole year has passed by. This is for you:


Hi John,

I hope this email finds you well! Its been a little while since we last talked and I came across your email as I was scrolling through my Inbox and I felt like we were over due for a check in.

I just wanted to let you know that we have officially started to sell. We wanted to have 100 experiences in our network before we began actively selling and we have reached that point.

I’d love to hear your input/feedback on what we’ve done so far. Let’s reconnect over coffee/tea sometime in the new year. Are you available the week of the 12th?

All the best,



Some Key Points:

  • Keep it light and personal
  • Tell them what has changed/what has kept you busy/what you have accomplished. Again, no more than a few blurbs – These are busy people too!



We at Kuhbe have been integrating this follow up emails technique into the core of our sales department. If you meet someone, you email them. If they don’t respond, email them again 3 days later. It works. Using these email templates, Kuhbe was able to sign 150 businesses onto our network in 6 months!

In today’s world, consistency can be hard to come by. Be different, be better, build positive relationships, and then enforce it by following up.

Chamsa Chamsa Chamsa,

The Kuhbe Team 🙂


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    Surprisingly, they received the same response rate for each of their follow up emails as they did for their first outreach email.

    • Lee Rubin

      Hey there! I’m Lee Rubin the author of the blog post – I’m not sure if I understood your comment, but hopefully it was a pleasant surprise. If you need more help with follow up emails, I’d be happy to get in touch. Let me know 🙂

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